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Oct 152009

Understand whether your pool rewards conservative or aggressive play

  • Season-end payout pools reward conservative play 
  • Weekly payout pools reward aggressive play 

Think of picking upsets as buying lottery tickets

  • They’re both bad bets 
  • Don’t make bad bets when conservative play is required
  • You need to risk bad bets when aggressive play is required 
  • If you’re going to make a bad bet, make one where you won’t have to share the jackpot 

To amass the highest number of points over a season, don’t pick upsets

  • By season-end, you’ll be near the top 
  • From week to week, you’ll usually be near the top, but rarely at the top 

To amass the highest number of weeks at the top, know the difference between aggressive play and stupid play 

  • You have to pick a few upsets, but not too many 
  • The number of participants in your pool should affect how aggressively you pick   
  • WinThatPool can help you on both these points
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