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Oct 152009

To win the most money in office pools, adhere to the following five rules:

  1. Know the win probabilities
  2. Understand exactly how aggressively to play 
  3. Don’t predict upsets — identify neglected teams instead
  4. The greater the number of participants in your pool, the more neglected teams you need to pick
  5. Keep your system a secret from others in your pool

This website is dedicated to providing its visitors with free insights pertaining to winning office football pools.

  • The Strategy page offers information on office pool strategy pertaining to Rule 2 above 
  • The Analysis pages contain convenient rankings and Win Probabilities for weekly NFL and selected NCAA football games. 

Since the rankings and Win Probabilities are both  a) nearly identical to more renowned sources’ rankings, and b) available from those sources free of charge, I provide them free of charge as a convenience to my visitors.

Winning your pool isn’t about predicting unlikely outcomes, it’s about betting on the unlikely outcomes that nobody else in your pool has bet.

The premium content on this site is information I haven’t found elsewhere on the web.  It specifies which teams to select to maximize your chance of winning a  Weekly Payout in your office pool.  It considers not only the first three variables listed above, its advice is tailored according to the number of participants in your pool. 

The paradox of #5
Obviously this website will never go anywhere if its list of followers doesn’t grow.  That reality is in conflict with #5 above.  If you find the analysis helpful, it’s in your interest that I stay in business, so here’s what I encourage you to do.  Share this website with friends who don’t participate in the same office pool as you do.

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