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Oct 082013

Editor’s note: Corrected the predicted victor of the Pittsburgh @NY Jets game to be @NY Jets, 10/8 8:45a Pacific Time.

Game Victor Win Probability Confidence
New York (NYG)@Chicago @Chicago 68.6% 9
Cincinnati@Buffalo Cincinnati 70.2% 10
Detroit@Cleveland Detroit 58.1% 7
Oakland@Kansas City @Kansas City 73.7% 12
Carolina@Minnesota @Minnesota 56.2% 4
Pittsburgh@New York (NYJ) @New York (NYJ) 53.0% 2
Philadelphia@Tampa Bay Philadelphia 54.0% 3
Green Bay@Baltimore Green Bay 57.7% 6
St. Louis@Houston @Houston 71.5% 11
Jacksonville@Denver @Denver 97.8% 15
Tennessee@Seattle @Seattle 84.8% 14
New Orleans@New England @New England 57.6% 5
Arizona@San Francisco @San Francisco 78.9% 13
Washington@Dallas @Dallas 65.9% 8
Indianapolis@San Diego Indianapolis 51.6% 1
Possible points: 120    
Expected: 87.3    
Likely range: 63 to 109    


The table lists WinThatPool’s recommended Confidence pool picks for this week. If you want to maximize your chance of winning a year-end payout, use these picks. (If you want to maximize your chance of winning a weekly prize, you should deviate from one or more of these picks.)

Below the top table is a summary of the possible points available this week, the expected points from these Confidence weights, and the likely range (90% confidence interval) of possible points.

Win Probabilities could have changed since being posted.
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