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Oct 312013

This year WinThatPool! is participating in NFLstatheads’ “Battle of the Bots” on reddit.

One of the things I like best about this competition is it explicitly measures WinProbability accuracy by applying an economic cost model. The results reflect a model’s accuracy better than a simple count of correct versus incorrect or a confidence pool point total. The lower the “cost,” the better.

Yesterday, a post updated the YTD rankings through eight weeks.

Follow the link, scroll to the bottom of the post and you’ll see the table below listing the year-to-date rankings:

Here are the standings after week 8 (only including those who had a week 8 entry):

Entrant Total Cost
WinThatPool – Human 22.352
Philosotoaster – Bot (Bot1) 23.327
steve496 – Bot 23.514
Rufus_Reddit – Human (Vegas Moneyline) 23.538
pudds – Bot (alg6) 23.562
Rufus_Reddit – Bot (Simple Modified Pythagoran) 23.63
Rufus_Reddit – Bot 23.859
Rufus_Reddit – Bot (Fancy Modified Pythagoran) 23.951
UncountablyFinite – Bot (Original Bot) 24.06
Wallamaru – Human 24.1
Rufus_Reddit – Bot (Gamescript Linear Model B) 24.105
pudds – Bot (alg7) 24.157
UncountablyFinite – Bot (Bot 2.0) 24.2
Philosotoaster – Human 24.547
Philosotoaster – Bot (Bot2) 25.38
k_Bomb – Human 25.981
redditcdnfanguy – Bot 26.521
BuckNewman – Human 26.855

Note that this competition didn’t begin until around Week 3 or 4 of the season, so these results are not as close to half a season’s worth of picks as you might think.

Don’t know how the rankings will hold up over the next nine weeks, but so far, so good!

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