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Sep 232014
Game Victor Win Probability
Texas Tech@Oklahoma State @Oklahoma State 81.53%
Appalachian State@Georgia Southern @Georgia Southern 87.17%
UCLA@Arizona State UCLA 62.44%
Fresno State@New Mexico Fresno State 64.06%
Middle Tennessee@Old Dominion @Old Dominion 57.46%
Texas Christian@Southern Methodist Texas Christian 98.07%
Iowa@Purdue Iowa 73.88%
South Florida@Wisconsin @Wisconsin 98.51%
Texas El Paso@Kansas State @Kansas State 95.33%
Tennessee@Georgia @Georgia 86.12%
Vanderbilt@Kentucky @Kentucky 86.36%
Wyoming@Michigan State @Michigan State 97.70%
Northwestern@Penn State @Penn State 75.43%
Tulane@Rutgers @Rutgers 77.58%
Colorado State@Boston College @Boston College 67.42%
Western Michigan@Virginia Tech @Virginia Tech 91.56%
Army@Yale Army 80.81%
Akron@Pittsburgh @Pittsburgh 90.06%
Maryland@Indiana @Indiana 61.42%
Eastern Illinois@Ohio Eastern Illinois 53.85%
Bowling Green@Massachusetts Bowling Green 61.42%
Western Kentucky@Navy @Navy 67.42%
Miami (Ohio)@Buffalo @Buffalo 62.65%
Florida International@Alabama-Birmingham @Alabama-Birmingham 85.88%
Kent State@Virginia @Virginia 95.88%
Minnesota@Michigan @Michigan 77.25%
Florida State@North Carolina State Florida State 89.18%
Wake Forest@Louisville @Louisville 91.39%
Arkansas@Texas A&M @Texas A&M 70.82%
Temple@Connecticut Temple 61.63%
Louisiana Tech@Auburn @Auburn 98.26%
Texas@Kansas Texas 81.25%
Colorado@California @California 80.66%
Stanford@Washington Stanford 68.95%
Texas-San Antonio@Florida Atlantic Texas-San Antonio 62.65%
South Alabama@Idaho South Alabama 63.25%
Cincinnati@Ohio State @Ohio State 84.26%
Central Michigan@Toledo @Toledo 82.66%
Missouri@South Carolina @South Carolina 63.46%
North Carolina@Clemson @Clemson 82.24%
Boise State@Air Force Boise State 79.77%
Troy@UL Monroe @UL Monroe 80.07%
Rice@Southern Mississippi Rice 73.18%
Duke@Miami @Miami 67.42%
Memphis@Mississippi @Mississippi 89.28%
New Mexico State@Louisiana State @Louisiana State 99.71%
Washington State@Utah @Utah 79.15%
Texas State@Tulsa @Tulsa 61.42%
Baylor@Iowa State Baylor 91.39%
UNLV@San Diego State @San Diego State 84.64%
Notre Dame@Syracuse Notre Dame 78.68%
Illinois@Nebraska @Nebraska 90.06%
Oregon State@Southern California @Southern California 72.29%
Nevada@San Jose State Nevada 62.65%

Unlike NFL football pools, which games your college football pool chooses can vary. Use this page to help with your college football pool. Copy or import the page into Excel, sort by the Win Probability column in descending order to identify the best ranks for your pool.

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