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Dec 022014
Game Victor Win Probability
Central Florida@East Carolina @East Carolina 67.03%
Bowling Green@Northern Illinois @Northern Illinois 66.83%
Arizona@Oregon @Oregon 82.10%
Iowa State@Texas Christian @Texas Christian 98.49%
Houston@Cincinnati @Cincinnati 67.03%
Louisiana Tech@Marshall @Marshall 79.00%
Southern Methodist@Connecticut @Connecticut 77.90%
Oklahoma State@Oklahoma @Oklahoma 89.87%
Alabama@Missouri Alabama 82.38%
Temple@Tulane Temple 59.35%
Kansas State@Baylor @Baylor 62.67%
Florida State@Georgia Tech Florida State 60.39%
Wisconsin@Ohio State Wisconsin 60.60%
Fresno State@Boise State @Boise State 90.78%

Unlike NFL football pools, which games your college football pool chooses can vary. Use this page to help with your college football pool. Copy or import the page into Excel, sort by the Win Probability column in descending order to identify the best ranks for your pool.

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