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Aug 302017

After 8 seasons of providing office pool participants a starting point for winning office pools, I have decided to shut down WinThatPool!

I decided this due to the accumulating evidence on just how damaging football really is. Over the past few seasons, as our understanding about CTE and football has grown, I have grown ambivalent about the site. While proud of the site and the model’s accuracy, I became increasingly less proud to be earning money from football, no matter how peripherally.

Just weeks after I first posted the picks for Week 1 this ambivalence morphed into a feeling of outright wrongness when I learned of the latest news about donated NFL brains and CTE. I don’t need any more evidence than that. Not only am I discontinuing the site, I also won’t participate in any more football pools, college or pro.

Thank you to all who have visited, asked questions, and offered feedback over the years.


 Posted by on August 30, 2017 at 2:07 pm