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Frequently asked questions



  • Q: Where did the picks go?

Beginning with the 2018 season, WinThatPool will no longer publish picks week to week.

  • Q: How are you using the AVERAGE on win probability if there is only 1 number?

I don’t assume there is only one number. See Step 2 of Chapter 2 on the Win Probability Algorithm. Step 2 says “Collect available point spreads for the game”. So I recommend using an aggregator site, such as covers.com, vegasinsider.com, oddsshark.com, etc. and collecting more than one spread for each game. I believe using 4, 5, or more spreads is better than relying on only one.

  • Q: What numbers are you using to attach the RAND function?

In Excel, you don’t have to use any number inside RAND(). Just type ‘=RAND()’ into a blank cell and see that it returns a random number uniformly distributed between 0 and 1. You can simply use RAND() as part of a formula and be confident it returns a random number within (0, 1).

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