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Frequently asked questions



  • Q: I am doing nearly as well as your picks, so what’s so special about WinThatPool? 

The question you should be asking is, why aren’t you doing better? This site’s tag line is “Your starting point for winning office pools.” It should give a boost to anyone playing in office pools who doesn’t do as well on his own. If you think you really know what you are doing, you really should do better than these free picks. Start with the picks here, and deviate as necessary.

  • Q: I beat/tied you this week/last week/most weeks

Congratulations. How are you doing year-to-date?

  • Q: Why do you bother listing probabilities, predicted point totals, and their confidence intervals  each week?

For visitors who understand probability and statistics, these will help when making tactical decisions. Say you’re out of the running for a season-total prize so you start trying for a weekly prize. The WinProbabilities help you gauge how much of a risk you’re really taking. The overall prediction and confidence intervals, compared to the eventual result, indicate just how unusual each week’s results were.

  • Q: Your picks are fine for a season-long prize, but I’m interested in winning weekly payouts. Should I use WinThatPool!’s recommended picks?

Probably not. How much you should deviate from the recommended picks depends on the number of other entries in your pool, and your pool’s weekly payout structure. Does it pay only for 1st place, or for 1st/2nd/3rd?

  • Q: Where did the tactical apps go?

The tactical apps have been removed. They probably won’t return in 2016.